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Can I take Celebrex and tramadol?

4 Answers

Tessa Bright 31 Jan 2020

Celebrex may increase the blood levels and effects of tramadol. If you take these medications together, you may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring by your doctor to safely use both medications.
BTW, The Mad Man's comment on 29 Oct 2010 about COX2 inhibitors being different from COX2 drugs is plain wrong. They are one and the same thing.

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The Mad Man 29 Oct 2010

I have taken Tramadol for years off and on. It helps sometimes but not all the time. Celebrex helps my Osteoarthritis WHEN I can get it. I am usually given Meloxicam but that does not work as well.
Celebrex is a COX 2 inhibitor which works differently than each Cox 2 drug. Each one has a different chemical breakdown and although the language is very technical some research into learning the properties of each of these class of drugs was worth it for me. It has been a while since I have done research so I can't explain the technical angle of Celebrex but read as much information you can obtain from each COX 2 drug and you will notice a difference. Stick with what works. Good luck. PS I do not take Tramadol and Celebrex together.

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Delila 2 Oct 2010

Hi celebrex is in the same category as ibuprofen (nsaid), and ibuprofen is stated as having potential negative side effects if taken with tramadol. However i have taken the 2 together for about 5 months now and have had no problems. Hope this helps?

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emily5300 27 Sep 2010

no idea about mixing the two, but if you haven't taken the tramadol yet read what everybody has to say about it on here first. It is very addictive and causes severe withdrawls.

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Jcat4 5 March 2024

Any opioid is addictive. You have to wean yourself off of them. After dealing with knee pain for the better part of 20 years till I presently had full knee surgery, tramadol was the only pain med that worked. It’s mild, you can function normally using it. And getting off of it was not hard. There is a way that makes the withdrawal minimal and not painful. Tramadol is a God send. free discount card

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