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Can I take amoxillion for shingles will it help?

3 Answers

DzooBaby 22 July 2011

Well guys, Valtrex doesnt actually kill viruses, it suppresses them, but it is still the same idea, reducing the virus along the nerve. Billy, the lidopatch idea was brilliant! Lidopatches were conceived with Shingles in mind and they are excellent for that type of pain. I also want to add, do not delay in getting treatment for shingles. The sooner you get treatment, the less likely you are to get herpatic neuropathy which can leave you in severe pain long after the shingles heal. Drs are unsure why some get neuropathy and some dont, but studies have shown that delay in treatment can be a factor. Shingles are caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. The virus lies dormant along the nerve after the outbreak of chicken pox until something stimulates it to flare again, usually a stressor like an illness, extreme emotional stress but sometimes it is unknown what caused it to flare and it can occur many years after the case of chicken pox. Shingles can be very painful.


You may need to ask for an opioid pain reliever too, if the pain gets bad. The lidocaine patch can help to numb some of that pain but I've seen many who needed strong pain killers like morphine to control the pain. Again, call your Dr for an evaluation and treatment right away!!! If your PCP cannot get you in today then I would advise you seek out an Urgent Care center or the ER at the hospital. DO NOT DELAY!!!

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caringsonbj 22 July 2011

Excuse me Dzoobaby, just a thought hit me I had a friend who contracted shingles, they got into her eyes she was a real mess! she was in her 70's and she was put on Neurontin and now on Lyrica and the doctor talks like she will have to be on this type of medication for an extended period of time. She delayed and he said doing that complicates everything---

Inactive 22 July 2011

Hi Billy,
I have tried to email Mary, yet my computer has gone nutty, oddly enough I am able to post here though!
Would you be so kind as to tell her about my computer, as I am out the door, going out of town?
Thank you my friend,

caringsonbj 22 July 2011

Sweetlemon will be glad to let Mary Know---

caringsonbj 22 July 2011

as Maso said you need a medication that will kill the virus (same one that is caused by chicken pox) Lidoderm patches are also suppose help (as I recall) but Maso was also correct about the other antiviral

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Inactive 22 July 2011

Thank you Billy, your idea was also good. I forgot viruses can´t be killed , as DzooBaby states.

Thanks and all the best,

caringsonbj 22 July 2011

You're so Welcome Maso, Hope all is going well with you. it's so hot in Indiana

Inactive 22 July 2011

Thanks Billy, hope everything is going your way... very cold here in Chile.

Have a great weekend Billy.

Tu amigo,


Inactive 22 July 2011

No, actually you need a medication to kill viruses like Valtrex (valacyclovir), amoxicillin kills bacteria.


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