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Can I cut metformin 500 mg pill in half? I'm feeling better, do I need the entire pill?


itsmetoo2 19 Oct 2009

This is a good question. Now I do not know about this pill, so that is why I am asking is the pill scored? If it is scored then you will not have much a problem. But for your health sake, when you get below the 500 mg. You should talk to your doctor as this is the smallest dosage offered. Maybe your doctor will put you on another kind of pill. Diabetes is a horriable medical condition. Later in life if you had not taken care of yourself when you were young, you are at risk for loosing your legs, feet. You could live with burning in your feet and legs and much more.
What ever you decide, just take care of yourself. Make sure your decision is not just for today and that decision will last the rest of your life.

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