My boyfriend took 2 grams of coke to himself the other night. He rarely does coke and i mean very rarely but it wasnt his first time. Anyway we are both 18 and he went off and had sex with a 31 year old. He is so ashamed of himself he was crying and nearly getting sick the next day when he told me. He has gotten so much abuse from his friends for cheating on me and i know he is genuinely sorry. The thing is he blames it on taking coke. He described how it felt : that he went out and was convinced he didnt have a girlfriend, he said he was drenched in his own sweat and dancing on his own, he said he felt like he could run through walls and nothing would happen. He swares that he'll never do drugs again and i know hes not addicted. But is it fair for him to blame the cheating on coke? It seems to be the biggest mistake of his life hes so upset and sorry he hates himself but i dont know whether to forgive him. Do i excuse him this once and tell him its over for good if he ever does it ( coke or cheating) again?