I've read a lot of peoples posts from years ago about going off lexapro and the side effects. I was wondering how they are doing and if they were able to stay off meds and if the withdrawal every went away. I am new to all of this. I have a history of panic and anxiety. I was on paxil for 8 years. got off it without problems(mainly because I only took 12.5 every other day or less for the last 4 years). I was off med for over 7 months without any problems. In that time we moved from Texas to new York and my husband and I started having major problems. After 6 months of continuous stress, lack of sleep and the arrival of winter, I started feeling panicky again. Instead if seeking a therapist help, I restarted my paxil. Took it for three weeks, then switched to lexapro. Doctor got me up to 20mgs in three weeks. Told him this drug doesnt work and making me worse, just told me to give it time. I have now been on it for three months. Saw a psychiatrist, told me not right med for me. Said I could go off or try prozac. I decided to try going off and then therapy and natural supplements. If that doesn't work, maybe prozac.
Now, I have been weaning off lexapro and having really bad withdrawal. Worst is in the morning. I went from 20 to 15 for 5 days without problems. Then went to 10mg. Started to feel not so great after a couple of days. Still went down to 5 mgs after 4 days. Talked to psychiatrist, she told me to go back up to 10 for a week or two then go down to 7.5 then 5 then 2.5. I hate this. I feel like dying in the morning. My husband told me to suck it up. I'm not dying. Nice, right. That's another issue all together. I am working on that issue separately. Right now, I want to regain my life, mind and body from lexapro. Will it happen? It doesnt feel like it. Am I making the right choice by going off? Any input would be great.
I also have three young children who have never seen their mom like this. I need my life back pre lexapro. Then I need to figure out the whole marriage thing.
Again, please let me know this is worth it and the withdrawal will end. I forgot to mention my symptoms. Brain saps, dizziness, terrible headache, nausea, diarrhea, sever upper gastric pains, nervousness, crawling out of my skin, chest discomfort. Not all at same time (thank goodness). I started a high dose of omega 3 and multi vitamins. Naturalpath said to add 5 htp to aid in withdrawal. A little nervous to do that. Told doctor and he said it'd be okay. Anyone else do this? I guess this is s lot longer than I planned. Sorry. Just freaking out a bit. Like to know I'm not doing the wrong thing and that it'll be worth it. Thanks for any input. Ribs13