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Can alprazolam be taken by injection?


jtsgro420 6 Nov 2018

Yes, you can inject xanax actually. Xanax is not soluble in water, so water is out of question. its only used to dilute your solution to make it less acidic for your viens. Alprazolam is soluble is Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Gylcerin, and acetic acid aka vinegar. so what you do is if you have a 2mg bar you crush down .5 or 1mg and add it to your spoon or what ever. drop a few drops of PG onto the powder, then squirt about 50 units of vinegar onto the crushed pill and PG. mix it up and then let it sit for a couple minutes, then apply a small amount of heat to weaken or break the fillers binders. then cotton or microfilter your solution. get every last bit of liquid out of your mixture. you will probably have 50 units or maybe loss 10 units. once again then crush up another .5 or 1mg and again add a few drops of PG. then squirt your 1mg solution onto the PG pill mixture and maybe add another 10units of vinegar. mix, let it sit, then again add some heat. then once again filter it up again. then clean your spoon or what ever you used, then get a different new, newer syringe to re filter up for the last time.. when you do this, it turns out to be extremely strong. it gives you a nice strong rush, which tapers out to a 100% bio available buzz which lasts easily one to two hours longer. Just be extremely careful because it can be quit dangerous if you miss or over do it. just be moderate!

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Rajive Goel 3 Dec 2011

Alprazolam is not available as an injection.

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