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If I get my Butran patch wet, will it stop working?

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Teddy84 5 June 2019

To be honest I've gotten mine wet and it did not seem to stop working, and don't ever flush it down the toilet unless you would like your toilet clogged and hopefully you have Drano on hand if you follow that individuals suggestion. Common sense says that the patches come with a disposal kit for a reason. Just speaking from personal experience I have not and will not flush any thing down the toilet that is not meant to go down the toilet. Common sense to get you so far then you got to use your brain. Follow the directions on the medicine. That's what they're there for.

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montano8 11 Dec 2015

If it starts to peel off you can use Tagaderm filmy bandages to keep it on, it says in the instructions and I've read other people mention that it helps a lot toward the end of the patch's week.

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chuck1957 5 Oct 2015

A-Rod-66; If you mean wet as in taking a shower etc that is okay.But if the patch ever gets cut or damaged in any way replace it. Prior to putting patch on wash and dry the area your going to apply it to.WITH WATER ONLY. ALSO very importaint after the 7 days remove patch fold sticky ends together and flush down the toilet. Do not put in a trash where a pet or child can get it there is still enough medication to kill a child in the used patch. If you notice a increase in pain check your patch well and make sure it has no corners up if it does use medical tape and tape it back down. NOW HERE IS THE COPY AND PASTE THAT TELLS YOU THIS AND MORE.(((Administration of BUTRANS

​Instruct patients to apply immediately after removal from the individually sealed pouch. Instruct patients not to use BUTRANS if the pouch seal is broken or the patch is cut, damaged, or changed in any way. See the Instructions for Use for step-by-step instructions for applying BUTRANS.


>​Apply BUTRANS to the upper outer arm, upper chest, upper back or the side of the chest. These 4 sites (each present on both sides of the body) provide 8 possible application sites. Rotate BUTRANS among the 8 described skin sites. After BUTRANS removal, wait a minimum of 21 days before reapplying to the same skin site [see Clinical Pharmacology (12.3)].

​Apply BUTRANS to a hairless or nearly hairless skin site. If none are available, the hair at the site should be clipped, not shaven. Do not apply BUTRANS to irritated skin. If the application site must be cleaned, clean the site with water only. Do not use soaps, alcohol, oils, lotions, or abrasive devices. Allow the skin to dry before applying BUTRANS.

​Incidental exposure of the Butrans Patch to water, such as while bathing or showering is acceptable based on experience during clinical studies.

​If problems with adhesion of BUTRANS occur, the edges may be taped with first aid tape. If problems with lack of adhesion continue, the patch may be covered with waterproof or semipermeable adhesive dressings suitable for 7 days of wear.

​If BUTRANS falls off during the 7-day dosing interval, dispose of the transdermal system properly and place a new Butrans Patch on at a different skin site.

​When changing the system, instruct patients to remove BUTRANS and dispose of it properly [see Dosage and Administration (2.6)]. #### ALSO don't let this patch get heated up by heat pad sun exercise etc it well release more medication then it should. follow the directions above and rotate the patch. any more questions please post again or call your pharmacist. wash you hands after touching patch.

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chuck1957 5 Oct 2015

NO ALCOHOL EVEN IN OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS LIKE MOUTH WASH COUGH SYRUP ETC CHECK TO MAKE SURE THERE IS NONE THERE IS A VERY BAD INTERACTION WITH EVEN SMALL AMOUNTS OF ALCOHOL. THIS ENCLUDES AFTER SHAVE, DEOD. ETC..hope your doing better and when you don't need these anymore you must be tapered off of these just like when they put you on them.

Butterflyfears 2 June 2017

In the box there are stickers that say on them to stick it to them and then throw in the trash. When your done with the patch. I have an pets so all my trash cans inside are covered anyway and then goes straight into the trash bin outside. I was on fentanyl patches for two years and never had any problems with anyone or anything getting them. I also I have lock box for my medications. As I have a child - who's older so I don't really worry about him getting into them but you never know when a friend with small kids might pop by. I'm wondering why you would throw them into the water system? I have always heard quite the opposite. To never throw any meds into toliet or sink. free discount card

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