So I have GAD my anxiety/attack comes and goes. Usually lasts a few months. recently my doc prescribed me buspirone 10 mg 2x day. It worked for a month then my anxiety came back. So the doc pushed it to 10mg 3x a day. I got very tired for one day after starting then it worked great for a month and my anxiety came back. Now my doc pushed the dose up to 15 mg 3x a day. I am on day three and I take the first dose at 8am (feel great), the second dose at 2pm and I feel tired out of it and barely able to drive after 30 mins and lasts until I go to bed. Just a note my last dose I take is at 9pm. I am looking for advice. Should I keep on the path I am on and see what happens or am I getting too much. My anxiety has been gone since I started the 15 mg 3x daily. I am also on lorazepam 3 mg a day as needed. Thank you all for you help in advance.