I was recently prescribed buspar due to an onset of major panic attacks while driving. My doctor said take 7.5 MG 2x daily for first week and then increase to 15 MG 2x daily as tolerated. Once I increased the dose I go horrible nausea and just plain horrible feeling for half hour to an hour or so. I will be in consult with pharmacy and doctor to see if I can break this into 3x daily bc I was fine on 7.5. I also take Xanax as needed for now. I want the best possible way to get the effectiveness as it has seemed to calm me a little. Not driving at all or just short distance is ruining my life! I have always suffered from anxiety and have tried many different things. I also believe my hormones are a big contribution to the increased anxiety. I have been trying to get a handle on this for years..Doctor after doctor??Any help would be appreciated.