Bascially I got my implant fitted in July 2014 (due out 2/7/17) do its due to come out in just under 4 months but since December I've been having more or less periods (cramps for the first one in December were unbearable but I think that was because I hadn't had them in so long). The doctor said this was normal but I would still be as protected as before but it was just a sign I should have it out soon. However, since Saturday night (so 6 days) I have been experiencing fairly light brown bleeding which I automatically panicked thinking it was implantation bleeding however it has lasted 6 days now and I am still on the implant. I took numerous tests however Im irregular and took the tests 18 days after sex (so don't know if this is too early) but all came out negative. I'm just wondering if this bleeding is normal as I can't find anything else on light brown bleeding apart from implantation bleeding and its stressing me out! The issue is when I put a tampon in the bleeding seems heavier 'up there' but just not much in my knickers (sorry if TMI). Advice pleaseeee D: Is this normal or should I be worried about pregnancy?