I am/was a borderline diabetic. My A1c was 6.2 on my last bloodwork in July 2013. The day of my bloodwork, my fasting glucose was 126. I Haven't had blood work since then (yet).

During 2014, I was on prednisone a few times - twice for a cough (June and July for a week) and once for a throat infection (December). After the two times for the cough, my blood sugar shot up really high but after I was off of it for a few weeks, it went back to normal.

The December regimen (14 days) was the longest and I believe the highest dosage. 60MG days 1-9, 40MG for on day 10, 30MG Day 11, 20 MG Day 12, etc. tapering off the medication. During this time I was EXTREMELY thirsty and my blood sugar shot up (at one point it was in the high 300s). My vision was also altered (blurry vision up close). I went to my eye doctor who said he saw nothing wrong and that once I was off of it, my vision shouldn't be this blurry.

My vision returned to normal after I went off the medication (after a few weeks) however my blood sugar is still running high 3-4 hours after eating (around 256).

I've been reading where prednisone should be out of your system after a few days. What I've afraid of is that this caused long lasting damage which resulted in diabetes. I Need to take my blood sugar in the morning to see how it's running before eating.

Have I done lasting damage?