I started my very first Depo shot at the age of 17. Unfortunately, after the first shot I had to discontinue the use because I could not afford it. I had no periods or irregular bleeding.

I am now 22, going on 23 and I started my Depo Shot again in August (2017), the date is currently October 17, and I am due for another Depo shot November 7th. Since last Monday (October 9), which was 8 days ago, I have been bleeding. One day it’s extremely heavy, next it’s next to nothing. I passed two huge clots (about the size of a toonie) on Saturday afternoon and then bleeding continued to be light. Since then I have passed a few more that was barely even noticeable. The bleeding isn’t heavy but it’s enough to drive me insane as my periods tend to make me depressed and sick.

Is this normal for this to happen? Day 8, still bleeding. But it’s not heavy. Should it stop soon?