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What is the best way to get off of Wellbutrin 150?

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Delila 9 May 2013

Hi, i haven't discontinued Wellbutrin myself, but after reading patients accounts of withdrawing from this medication, a 25mg - 50mg dose decrease every one or two weeks seems the way to go. You should tailor the dose and time periods to how you feel physically/mentally. If you haven't asked your doctors advice yet, this would really be the best way to go, to stay safe & healthy.

nenag 9 May 2013

Ok, I cut my dose in half and I am getting dizzy spells. I'm scheduled to see my PDR today.

Delila 9 May 2013

Hi, it isn't the best idea to manipulate your medication, especially if it is a prolonged/extended release, what type of tablets have you been prescribed? It is better to ask your doctor to prescribe lower dose tablets

nenag 10 May 2013

I'm on Wellbutrin 150 Xl, my PDR didn't want me to come off them. She said its such a low dose it's not really doing much??? So y stay on them ???

4N Substances 9 May 2013

Dear nenag,
The best SAFE way is to titrate down under the supervision of a medical professional. Incorrect withdrawal from Wellbutrin can have serious consequences, including the onset of seizures that remain for life. Don't try to do something like this using advice from a website, even a good one like this. Please get some help.
Good luck to you.

Delila 10 May 2013

Hi, i was told that it is very unusual to have problems when discontinuing Wellbutrin, that very rarely people have side effects. Do you think I was given the wrong information? Reading you comment surprised me. I'd be grateful if you wouldn't mind letting me know? Thanks, D

nenag 24 Jun 2013

Hi Delilah, I went to see a different PDR last week and he told me that i can just stop taking the 150mg dose. That i shouldnt have any side effects. He also increased my lexapro from 20 mg to 30 mg and wanted to see me in 3 weeks. So far the only side effect i have is sleepiness but i think that is due to the lexapro and not the wellbutrin :)

Delila 25 Jun 2013

Hi, that's good to know. Well i hope your fare well being off the Weelbutrin and don't suffer any withdrawal symptoms. I think it is 'normal' to feel a bit more sleepy when discontinuing medications, i found the same thing when i stopped one of mine. Thanks for letting me know : )

Aves12 7 Feb 2018

I stopped taking wellbutrin several times and restarted again over a period of about 15 years. I have since stopped taking it completely. I don't take any other medicine except over the counter melatonin. I HAD NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. The only symptoms I had were my symptoms that I took the medicine for in the first place.

Inactive 14 Feb 2018

I have had a similar experience with Wellbutrin. I have started and stopped it many times over many years, and never had withdrawal symptoms. The information I researched also confirmed that unlike SSRIs, Wellbutrin does not require a titration down for discontinuation. That is one of the things I like best about Wellbutrin. free discount card

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