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When is the best time to take Cymbalta? I know its best to take with a meal but which meal is best?

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chuck1957 28 May 2014

Really Trinabell You can take this anytime of day without regard to food unless the doctor told you different they take as much as 60mg in one dose or divide the dose no real problem with our without food.Now if you have taken it and it upset your stomach then the doctor may tell you to take it with food but it really does not make that much difference the main thing never open capsule and pour it on something it is a released over the day and you don't want to mess with the slow releace of the medicine the best is when you start it and if you notice something like it makes you tired then take it at bedtime if it keeps you from sleeping then take it in the am... Or how ever the doctor tells you to if different some people end up taking it twice daily etc..But anyway there is no drug reason you should take it at any special time of day.Just whatever works best for you and depending on any sideeffects you might get..Good luck and hope it helps you have a great day Chuck1957 medically retired pharm.Tech

pippapoo 29 May 2014

My doctor told me to take it in the morning, probably because the norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor can keep you awake. I didn't take mine with food and I didn't have stomach problems. But everyone is different.

Trinabell 29 May 2014

Yeah I found out the hard way that it'll keep you up all night. My Dr just said make sure & take it with a meal however I dont eat breakfast. Ever since I was in elementary school i get nauseas if i try & eat before noon & idk why? I'll try taking it on an empty stomach. Thank you so much for your answer :-)

Poodle448 29 May 2014

Most anti-depressants take about a week or two to start working.

SpineLady 29 May 2014

Well I took Cymbalta for many years and I took it at night before bed for several years, but I found it wasn't helping during the day, so I started taking it after breakfast and found it seemed to work much better. Medication is unique in the fact that it works so differently on each person. I would suggest trying it both morning and night for several months each and see which time works best for YOU!

Fragilexmom 30 May 2014

Cymbalta was making me drowsy during the day. My Dr. recommend to take it at bedtime. I feel great now. free discount card

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