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Best substitute for carvedilol?

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fredcorona562 20 Dec 2016

Any over the counter for Coreg ?

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mehlisue 21 Jan 2015

I have been told by other heart patience that even though Coreg and Carvedilol are the same drug, only Carvedilol is the cheaper generic, that there is a noticed difference in some people and how it reacts in their body. This is a question better posed to your heart doctor because it really depends on Why it was given to you in the first place. It was for CHF due to an enlarged left ventricle and irregular heartbeat and unstable blood pressure. It is a very serious drug to be on.

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marcopolish 27 April 2015

Yes, but there is a side effect profile to be considered, which is partly why the question was asked I'm sure. That needs to be answered: are there alternatives (non-carvedilol substitutes) available?

ccmikeyb 28 April 2015

I am currently taking carvedilol 12.5 mg per day twice a day for congestive heart failure`. After being of the drug for a day in preparation for a nuclear stress test, I notice that my pain and difficulty of walking has subsided. I wonder whether that pain in my hams and hips are caused by the drug?

jerry48 25 Oct 2015

I also have been on carvedilol for a month have similar complaints sore joints ,hips ,upper thighs tired all the time plan on returning to the herbs

cvenerable 29 July 2016

i have been on coreg 3.5mg, then 6.5g and also 12.5mg. for 3 months. i have had multiple side effects and as dosage went up side effects increased. it was living hell. my md refused to believe i was experiencing m ultiple side effects. yester day I west to a new cardiologist who stoped the careg and has ordered a new drug...

jerry48 29 July 2016

when you get time a good read by Dr. Dale Peterson who had a major heart attack has afib and chf the article is called the missing drawer his office is in Oklahoma

Chyk41 18 Feb 2014

Carvedilol is the generic form of Coreg and I don't think there is a substitute for it. It helps correct your heart beat or rather helps you maintain a regular heart beat. It is both an alpha and beta blocker and gives the best survival rate following a heart attack. It's used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.

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jerry48 25 Oct 2015

there are sustitutes do your home work

Chyk41 25 Oct 2015

There are other beta blocker you can take but they aren't substitutes, Coreg is your first line of medication for CHF. If you have trouble taking Carvedilol and your body can tolerate Coreg you will be switched back to the coreg. People normally have trouble with the binder in the generic. I have been taking it for nearly 5 years and always have trouble with an increase but I'm still taking it.

jerry48 27 Oct 2015

have you heard of Dr, Sinatra he has switch patience from carvedilol to herbs L-Carnitine ,magnesium.CoQ10 and D-Ribose claims it is easier getting on the meds than getting off them

Chyk41 27 Oct 2015

None of those things are proven and all of their studies are done on people without heart conditions. I was sent one of the studies for CoQ10 and when I sent back my info on me of having CHF(stage 3), already having had an Acute MI and a stent. I was told that I couldn't be a part of the study because I had the conditions. So how can they say they work if their studies aren't on those of us who are sick. Then they gave me their disclaimer of not being held responsible for any harm that I may encounter. I have yet to see any disclaimer on any prescription that I take and the company can be held accountable for any harm that it causes. If he truly stands behind what he sales to people why does he need a disclaimer, my cardiologist doesn't give me a disclaimer on the medications he prescribes for me. This is a no brainer, if he truly thinks that what he is doing won't heart patients then if he tells you something he should be held accountable.


It's real easy to have the numbers say it works when none of the people in the study have any heart condition. Isn't it funny how CoQ10 is the cure for everything that ills you.Take a good look ate him, he doesn't look healthy. But don't let me stop you form taking unregulated supplements and vitamins that no two pills in the bottle may contain the same amount or that the AMA has pulled because it contains some of the same medications that you are taking and have failed to put it in their listing of ingredients. Nothing in their products are natural because they process it to get it into those pills and they charge more for it then your medications.

jerry48 29 July 2016

like I said do your home work before running your mouth it has been proven herbs have been around for thousands of year and still in use today why wouldn't you try something natural before a drug designed by big pharmacy remember pharmcy can't make money off of herbs so they wil ltrash them when they can and by the way I have CHF and AFIB and subscribe to Dr Sinatras news letters all the time and take the herbs he recommends and I am still here

reddog717 6 Nov 2016

I've been Coreg for quite a while. I've had chf 3 different times but my problem stem from heart. I am now on the transplant list. I've been very itchy for a long time. I see an allergist and a dermatologist. Neither seem to be coming up with anything that sticks. I eliminated all vitamins. I take mess 3x a day. I notice now I itch after my AM and PM and I take Coreg both AM and PM.
I have no rash and at different times I itch in different areas. Has anyone else experienced this? free discount card

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