Over a year ago i was injected with 1 syringe of bellafill on each side of my cheeks. I was told by the dr. whose injected, it will last up to 5 years.
I never liked the look of it, since I have a skinny face and large cheeks, but I figured out that it will go away.
Recently my cheeks became red and with burning sensation, and when I smile I look like a chipmunk!!! with 2 ridiculous round balls in my face. Also my cheeks can become aggravated easily, if it's hot or if I rub my face with a towel.
I also noticed that my cheeks become bigger in size, and from reading online I understand the bellafill is permanent and also stimulates collagen, what makes my cheeks grow.
Will my cheeks continue to grow forever???
Is there any safe way to reverse the bellafill?