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Been taking baclofen 2 weeks have alot of ringing in the ears, is this a side effect from this?

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two 1 Dec 2009

Tinitus, ear ringing.. not listed as side effects in various drug guides. It can cause dizziness and various other effects. I don't know of any patients who have complained of this, but that doesn't mean you are not experiencing something new. My guess is it is related to something else that is going on. Perhaps there is personal testimony of this side effect.Sorry i don't have any more useful information for you now. Maybe, see an EENT doc. Take care, TWO

Cindy1985 18 Dec 2009

I have been taking Baclofen for about a month now and I have also noticed my ears ringing. I am also a little dizzy and for the last two days or so have had a constant headache. I don't think this medication works all that well. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better medication that maybe would not have these side effects?

two 21 Dec 2009

Headache and dizziness are main side effects of this drug. There are other drugs that relax muscles, decrease rigidity and reduce spasms from musculoskeletal conditions etc. This drug is used often by those with MS Here are other drugs that mostly for painful musculoskeletal conditions:carisopropodol or Soma, Flexeril, Dantrium and Zanaflex. I hope you can get some relief without too many side effects. These drugs can make you sleepy. I took Soma a long time ago and felt like i was drunk, but it worked great! Take care, TW

klh3 12 Mar 2011

I have been taking baclofen for a just a couple of days and have noticed ringing in the ears - almost like they are plugged up from a cold or something and dizziness.

kmunier 4 Apr 2012

I was taking it for several months and couldn't figure out the ringing in my ears.
It was getting so loud I couldn't hear the tv. I searched the web and found about the baclofen and stopped taking it. The ringing has stopped and also I am not nauseated any more. Thank goodness! Now to figure something else out for spasticity. free discount card

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