About 2 months ago I ended up in the ER for what they said was hyperventaltion, I felt cold, dizzy, nausea, really hard time breathing etc... After I left the symptoms of being dizzy would not go away the DR said I have vertigo, and sent me to physical thearpy and the ENT, in the mean time since my problem going to the ER happened from work I was feel a little anxiety going back, so the DR put me on zoloft. I have never had a problem with depression or anxiety. I have been on this a little over 3 weeks. I have horrible jitters, dont feel right in the head. I am only on 20 mg. I am thinking of cutting that dose in half. I am still not depressed I am just frustrated. I went to the ENT and they found a polyp on my voice box, I am thinking this is the reason I hyperventalited at work, because my air ways are restricted not to mention I have asthma. I am finding it really hard to work, I go in get anxious and leave. I really need any advice, has anyone else gone thru this? Oh and when I told the DR about the zoloft giving me anxiety he said we should up the dose. That sounds crazy and I told him no. Please any help.