Okay, well I'm an idiot, and took my dosage of Azithromycin wrong. I could have swore the receptionist at my gynecologist's office said that I needed to take 2 500mg tablets daily (meaning I would take one when I got it and one the next day), but after I did some research and learned that my partner just got 2 pills to take at once and a shot, I looked at the pill bottle again, just to be sure (even though it was way too late, I already waited 24hrs to take the other dose), and the pill bottle even said to take it all at once. I'm not sure if I read it wrong because of what the receptionist said or what, but I wanted to know if waiting 24hrs to take the second dose will affect anything. Do I need to have the gyne send another script? Will it still work??? I'm worried that I messed up. I want to get rid of this ASAP so that I can be clean again and have intercourse with my boyfriend again! Please help me!