Wellbutrin Budeprion Generic is a Nightmare!!! I can't believe how bad it's become after 4 weeks. I decided to wait to see if the side effects would subside however they actually became worse. I feel out of control, hopeless, not myself, extreme lack of motivation, unable to perform the simplest tasks due to lack of desire. All I do is lay around and try to figure out why I can't get motivated, so very weird and surreal

1. Crying all the time
2. Unable to motivate
3. Unable to sleep
4. Nausea
5. Heart papulations
6. Depression worse
7. Short tempered
8. Anxiety
9. Agitation
10. Bad nightmares
11. Gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks
12. Bad taste in my mouth
12. Did I say I feel worse than ever!!!

Generic should be banned! FDA should pay attention to consumer complaints