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Anyone taking prednisone for mouth ulcers?


sportzygirl87 4 Oct 2017

Yes, there is a dental prednisone paste that heals it over night. I've been plagued and prednisone is the best kept secret. I don't recommend or think a doctor would prescribe actual prednisone tablets.
My doctor recently told me that there is no real link to vitamin deficiencies or overeating sugar that causes them. She did tell me that is highly correlated to dehydration. Lack of sleep is dehydrating, drink more water. Too much sugar de hydrates you, especially corn syrup. Your skin is dehydrated with vitamin deficiency. The key she told me is to keep my hydration balanced. And do the the prednisone paste. Use it when it's small and it won't get big. If it's already gotten larger it can take a few days to disappear, although the pain will disappear immediately!

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sportzygirl87 4 Oct 2017

Triamcinolone Acetonide dental paste usp 0.1%

endlessPred 15 June 2013

Hello, your question is interesting. Prednisone reduces inflammation. I happen to get mouth sores from high dose prednisone. One thing that helps me with the mouth is increasing Folic Acid daily. I am going to do some research. Will be back

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endlessPred 15 June 2013

I really don't see the prednisone helping. But if your doctor wants you to try it do just that. Normal canker sores are from vitamin deficiencies that make one vulnerable to infection as the skin in the mouth doesn't heal as fast.

Let me know what the doctor suggests. I would be interested in hearing the treatment.

nikkirn22 12 March 2014

Prednisone is the only thing that makes my ulcers heal quickly. Of course the doctors don't want you to take it too often. When I have several ulcers I only need a few days of it to get better. They heal almost overnight. free discount card

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