I have been on Fluoxetine/prozamel/prozac for a long time now and it has steadily been increasing to a level where I am much happier, less anxious and overall healthier in myself. However, since being given medication first about 10 years ago, I have noticed that I have suffered from a few memory losses in situations where it is unusual to have no memory of it. Recently, I have noticed memory loss over times and events that happened recently but I have no recollection of them, and when other people tell me about things I am surprised that they told me I was there, or I said so and so. Mainly my memory loss surrounds things I have done alone, such as cleaning, buying a certain jacket or arranging something for a future event. I cannot remember conversations, peoples names, and expensive clothes I saved for and bought just a month ago until I see a picture on my phone of me wearing it and suddenly I have some slight recollection that I did buy that but it no longer is in my house. I am 30 so I know I shouldn't have this much memory loss, but maybe (i am hoping) it is not age or something more serious, and just a side effect. I did notice it as an uncommon side effect to the medication I am on, but I can see no where people actually talking about it. Anyone have advice or similar experiences?