Could the doctor doing the procedure have done something wrong? The doctor told me it was a more invasive procedure because they were checking the pressure. Within 15 minutes after putting my head up after lying down for hours, I had the worst pain EVER. It was worse than my severe migraines which send me to the hospital vomiting on the way. It was worse than my first week after having a major stroke. The severe pain kept me lying down on the bed 24/7 except for going to pee in a bucket in the bedroom. As long I was laid out flat, I only suffered from my usual severe migraines. But to raise up--the pain was intolerable.

Finally towards the end of the 5th day since the spinal tap, my head pain got better or I was going to the ER to get the blood patch put on. But I really didn't want to spend the 6 hours or more in the ER which is way too cold for me since my stroke.

Does anyone think that the doctor doing the procedure may have screwed up? Another doctor that I spoke to by phone, said that it was very unusual to have the intense pain so soon afterwards. Thanks to anyone who responds.