I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism after my TSH level was found to be 6.89 about a month ago (T3 and T4 were normal). I started on 25MCG of Levothyroxine, but on the third week I realized I was starting to feel awful. I developed feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability and I could not concentrate. I got my blood tested again and my TSH levels dropped to .5! The doctor suggested that the drop could have been why my body reacted in such a way. She lowered my dosage to 12.5 MCG and I will begin taking that tomorrow.
I am 21 and slightly overweight. I eat very healthy (veggies, fruits, potatoes, brown rice, beans, some fish and drink a lot of water) and try to exercise regularly - I go to the gym at least three times per week and I do plenty of walking around my college campus.

1.) Have any of you noticed weight loss after you found the correct dosage (even if it was lowered)?

2.) Do you have any recommendations for weight loss?