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Has anyone in this group used picato yet, and if so what were the resuts, and how much does it cost?

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Anonymous 30 Apr 2012

within a couple days of starting treatment my patients are starting to see some redness and irritation that escalates for about a week. By the end of the 2nd week they have started to see the redness decrease by the 4th week complete clearance. I have had one patient with much slower result on the body but the face seems to be more routine with that period.

The drug is not covered by most insurance companies at this time and depending on which course can be anywhere from $700-900 for the treatment for a cash pay patient.

VickiB130 30 Apr 2012

Thanks for this information. I have 2 more questions: How are the side effects in severity compared to Effudex or Carac? How do you feel the results are thus far, compared to fluorourcil cream? Thank you very much in advance! Vicki

Anonymous 30 Apr 2012

the reaction is similiar, we are tending to use it for patients on coumadin as there is no contraindication with picato and coumadin as there is with Efudex/Carac and coumadin. There are quite a few patients that are not completely resolving with the Picato and are either going to need to have cryotherapy or another course of Picato.The benefit to Efudex/Carac is that a patient gets a 40 gram tube and can use it for more than one course with that tube for $170-$190 cash pay price.

mews 16 May 2012

I used picato on my lip. My doctor gave me a coupon, so I only paid $25 although I was told the cost was $550.00. The first day after applying it, my lip was slightly burned. After the second application, my lip was swollen and blistered. When I put the gel on the third evening, my lip was burning and throbbing. I was extremely uncomfortable that night. My lips remained swollen and painful for 3 more days. After that, they were substantially better. I was told that day 7 would be the worst, but, luckily, I did not experience discomfort for that long.

valorsmom 18 May 2012

I was told day 7 would be the worst too, but I found the first night to be the worst. It has been a week and I am peeling big time, just like I would after a sunburn. I am also itchy now that my skin appears to be healing. The cream helps both those things. I am still slightly red but not as bad as I was the first three days. It is definitely getting better!

khf 6 Jun 2012

I've researched Picato. It is not to be used on the lips. There is a strength for the face and scalp (not lips) and there is a strength for the trunk and extremeties. The face and scalp skin reactions will start on day one and peak within the first week. Most reactions are mild to moderate and should be back to baseline by day 15. The trunk and extremeties skin reactions will start on day one and peak at about a week and are mostly mild to moderate as well. Whats exciting about Picato is that we only have to apply for 2 or 3 days and then by 2 weeks our face will be back to baseline, and our trunk will be back to baseline by 4 weeks. As the doctor said above there are no contraindications, and I also read there is no systemic absorbtion.

aggie24 14 Jun 2012

My dermatologist prescribed Picato for a small pre-cancerous lesion on the left side of my nose. I previously had Mohs surgery for a larger basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose. The dermatologist gave me a coupon card good for three separate purchases. My co-pay was $25 for three tubes, which were to be used for three days--each tube discarded after one use. Without the card, my insurance co-pay would have been $50. The pharmacist said without insurance the cost would have been $600.

aggie24 6 Jul 2012

Wanted to update this post. It's been about a month since my first treatment and the skin looks great. My nose peeled for about a week after the third and final treatment. The pain stopped almost immediately after the last treatment. I have a followup exam in two weeks, so I'll know then whether this actually worked. I still can feel a small rough spot on my nose where the AK lesion was, but it definitely feels smaller.

deb055 1 Aug 2016

I used picato for lesions above my lip and for a lesion between my eyebrows. The lip are healed well but after 20 weeks the spot between my eyebrows has not healed. I have used hydrocortisone for 3 weeks and the spot has gotten smaller but still there. Does anyone have any suggestions to help this with healing?

lsparkuhl 5 Jul 2012

I just started my first treatment. My face feels hot, but seems okay, just red. It looks and feels like I got a sunburn. The cost is only $25. Ask your dermatologist for a co-pay card. My pharmacist said it would have cost me $700. Since the drug was just recently approved in the US, they are trying to promote it, so the co-pay cards are readily available, and can be used for up to 3 refills.

Chris Cohen 26 Dec 2012

My physician prescribed Picato for face. Checked with local pharmacy and was quoted $700 for one script. Called my insurance to check on my coverage and was told that through Medco, I could get 3 boxes for $70. Also, Picato provides a discount card. Be sure to ask about it. Could cost as low as $25 with card. Doctor told me to put on at night 2 hours before bed. Leave on at least 6-8 hours. First day was like a sun/windburn. 2nd day, lots of swelling and blisters. Didn't want to put 3rd dose on at all. Opted to put it on at 6:30 p.m. and shower it off at 12:30. The second day was the worst because I dreaded putting on next dose! Made me very emotional. The 3rd application was brutal and itched like crazy. Took Benadryl/Tylenol/Motrin to sleep. Put Neosporin w/pain killer on face. Really helped with pain and itching.

chatter555 31 Dec 2012

My doctor prescribed in the summer for me to use in the winter. I decided to start the three day regimen yesterday, but, of course, the doctor's office is closed for the holiday, so I can't contact him. This is my question: Can I use anything on my face between the times that Picato is on my face? Or is it best to wait until the entire treatment is finished.

lavelle2000 22 Jun 2014

This response was ironically EXACTLY like my experience. I had a lot of swelling and little puss type of blisters on my face and did not even want to do the 3rd dose. I, too, put on the final dose at 6:30 PM and then got up at 12:30 to rinse it off! I just came online to search out whether it is OK to put on Neosporin after treatment. Thanks for the good info! Just FYI, I did Picato on one area on the side of my face a few years ago. It has been all clear right there since. The treatment this time was for several other areas around my face and on my nose. I purchased it for $25 through the Picato coupon offer. I also got the other kind for one spot on my leg - also for the $25 offer.

MareKT 12 Mar 2015

I just did the 3 nights of Picato. This was the 2nd year in a row I did this. I have a history of BCC. It cost me $25 with coupon and my prescription insurance. Night 1, I knew to take 2 advil before I applied the gel. Mild burning. Nights 2 and 3, took Advil again and had mild burning. I am on day 5 (2 days after last dose) and the itching is unbearable! I tried coconut oil and Aquaphor and it helps but does not eliminate. Face is blotchy. Under eye swelling was noticable on day 3, almost half as much on day 5. My face is scaly and rough like sandpaper and is peeling pretty significantly, but I have had no blistering or weeping. My first go-round last year was not nearly as bad a reaction. As of today, I would say the itching is the worst side effect. I am 52 and live in Texas but born and raised in the northeast. A sun-worshiper and tanning bed person for many years. Guess I deserved the BCC. They had to remove half of my nose and required a plastics closure so I am careful now. Hope the info helps. I found these sites helpful.

margo62145 4 Aug 2016

Well, prices have gone up, as I got cash quotes of $1000 from Walgreens and $975 from CVS. Fortunately my insurance covered and I paid $7 copay. So -- doc didn't tell me there were these weird side effects everybody's talking about. I finished my 2nd night of using it on both my legs. I have NO redness, NO itching, NO pain -- just went on here to find out when my spots would be gone and now I'm freaking out that within a week I'll look like a leper!!! Oh well, too late now, LOL Gotta say the way they package this stuff isn't so hot -- finally had to cut those little tubes to get the rest of it out -- for that price I'm not wasting ANY of it!!!

missjane13 15 Oct 2016

Hello, I used Picato about 7 weeks ago for actinic keratosis just above my lip and there does not seem to be any visible change to the area.


Louis-Pasteur 21 Oct 2016

I have recently used it on my cheeks nose and forehead. Normally I have my solar keratosis removed with liquid nitrogen but my dermatologist no longer does this on the face.
You apply it three days in a row and thats it.
After the first day but especially on the second day any mutated cells start to blister and go red and bumpy. Its quite ugly for a while. However it clears up really quickly. I would start on a Friday night and try work from home or not do much the following week if its on your face,
The results were very good for me, the scaly skin went and there are no scar or discolouration marks on my face.
The prices in the US for this cream is insane. It costs £65 in the UK for the three tube treatment. That's less than $100! Someone is ripping you guys off.
I hope my description helped.

jlnnm 6 Jan 2017

I am a redhead. I used Picato all over my face due to the varying thickness of my issue with actinic keratosis. My Dermatologist also gave me the discount card and my copay was $25. I am really happy about my results. In only a week and a day and I have seen vast improvement. I agree with the person who said the first day was the hardest. Maybe we just acclimate to the pain by the second and third day... but I thought it was fairly easy for the great result. I did this during a break from work and didn't go out much, but when I did I didn't see it bothering anyone. My face was very deep red and swollen.

Sbreshin 5 Feb 2017

Went to walgreens in palm beach gardens, FL yesterday and they quoted me $3000 w/o the coupon, and $2100 with the coupon. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing this medication.

Kboo 8 Feb 2017

I started using Picato on Sunday night. The first day was ok, some blistering. The second day was lots worse! Swelling, blistering, itching. But today, my eyes are swollen so badly that's it's difficult to see. I'm extremely dry and itchy. So glad I'm finished with the gel treatment! Question, can I use Aquaphor now that I'm finished with the treatment or will that burn? I definitely don't want anymore burning sensations!! I've done Effudex and I will most certainly say this treatment is far worse than that! The only good thing is that you only have to apply it for 3 nights!
So, Aquaphor?

Momma675 18 Mar 2017

I'm on day 5 of Picato treatment. Finished the 3 day application and had horrible pain, blisters, itching. Starting in the evening of day 3 had eyelids starting to swell. Day 4 one eye almost swollen shut. Today the swelling has moved down to my inner eye area and under eyes. Did you experience this and how long to subside?

Kboo 18 Mar 2017

Oh yeah. The swelling was all around my eyes. But that actually went away the next couple of days after finishing. Good luck. I know how difficult this is!!

ckneier 24 May 2017

I used picato on my arm, had redness and flaking skin for a few days, nothing more. I used on my chest and it became extremely red and burning. it got worse after 2nd applications. multiple open lesions, crusting, open blisters, and very painful pustules. I am 7 days out and hope this will get better with time. I have been putting aquaphor on lesions which does relive pain. not painful enough to take any analgesic, but I have high pain tolerance. I have had multiple cryotherapy to area in the past. I did have drug card from the company, and the copay was $40. insurance was billed $700.

Jasmin_t 26 Jun 2017

Research before using!!! I've just gone back to my doctor as I have second degree burns on half of my chest from using Picato gel!!! He said "Oh sorry about that, that's a really bad reaction, I probably won't be prescribing this anymore.." So glad I could be the guinea pig! :( I am so emotional. He told me it would scar less than having the (tiny) solar ketosis frozen off but now half of my chest is burned down two layers!! This is going to take weeks, if not months to heal and I could be permanently scarred. Research this gel and other options EXTENSIVELY before using it as prescribed as I did. If I could post a picture, I would. Nobody would ever use it if you saw my chest right now. F*** my life!! :( free discount card

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