I am a moderately active (cardio and strength 5 days a week) 49/yo woman. I've experienced a significant amount of weight gain (7-8#) within a month of starting Rexulti - despite watching my diet (1800 cals), avoiding alcohol (or having only 3 drinks per week). I have always had no problems maintaining a healthy weight bc I'm quite active and normally I am at a comfortable 139#. I'm now 146-150# and can't seem to drop it even on a lower calorie diet (1600). I don't mind a few pounds, but when I have to buy all new pants that stinks! I'm on .5 mg Rexulti and 20mg Lexapro. I read that Rexulti raises blood glucose levels and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. I don't have any hunger issues, (i.e. cravings) although I did the first two weeks, they are gone, but can't get much lower than 1600 cals without compromising my well being (I enjoy eating!). Thanks for any help.