I have no rash and no interactions w/medications/vitamins I take (have taken the same for approx 1 yr). This started 4 - 6 wks ago (no dry skin or sun damage). So far, I have tried Cortizone-10, Lamisil, Tinactin, Benedryl cream, Medline Skin Repair cream, Cetaphil, even Selsun Blue (known to clear up skin rashes when nothing else has(it's true, I've seen it)). To date I have had no change or relief. It has kept me awake at night which is extremely frustrating. I've even scratched my arms with a hairbrush (it was so itchy it was the only thing I could think of). Has anyone out there suffered with the same? Is there an OTC cream that works? I can go to my GP but my hours/days of research has shown that docs really don't know the answer and blame "stress". I have been through that before only to find sometime later that I did have something medical and was quickly treated and resolved, that was a bad experience and I don't want to go through that again... that in itself is very stressful! I am under no stress. I have not changed laundry soap, bath soap, perfume, lotions or eating habits. This came on sudden and has NOT gone away. If anyone has had these symptoms, any thoughts you may have is greatly appreciated! (FYI, I am a healthy, 49 yr old female, athletic w/healthy eating) Thank you