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Has anyone experienced extreme tiredness or fatigue from taking hydrochlorothiazide?

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Saracafe 4 March 2019

I took HCTZ for a total of 10 days. After 4 days I noticed that I was becoming fatigued while walking to get my Fitbit 10,000 steps a day in. I had been averaging 13,000-15,000 steps daily prior to starting on HCTZ (in addition to an ARB medication that I had been taking for at least 15 years) due to an ever increasingly high BP. After a week I was really straining to get my 10,000 steps done. I stopped the drug and told my MD that it made me feel "like I was 90 years old and had another 2 weeks to live". I am now taking a Beta Blocker instead which has helped my BP immensely and my daily steps are again quite achievable.

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Nalani R 26 March 2018

Yes but only seems to be when I am physically inactive, if I get up and move around or go for a walk it doesn't seem as bad. My doctor just started me on hctz over a week ago and it has lowered my bp significantly, so I will wait it out until the follow-up with my doctor in a couple of weeks. Since your question is months old I would be intetested to know if you are still taking hctz and still experiencing fatigue, and how you have been dealing with it? Thanks!

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Inactive 26 March 2018

Hi Nalani:
I quit taking hydrochlorothiazide shortly after I posted this question. I kept a check on my blood pressure on a regular basis. My blood pressure was not adversely affected after I stopped my HCTZ. I check it on a regular basis and it is fine. My biggest concern about taking it was how it might be affecting my kidneys. I feel fine without it.

Windchimes123 6 July 2017

Good response , Chuck!
Hi my friend, G...
I took it for awhile and what I didn't realize was that it was causing fatigue. It was not an initial response but came on slowly.
Chuck is right about the Potassium. It also may slowly develop because it's one of the diuretics that holds on to the Potassium. It seems to occur down the road because it's not expected like with Lasix...
Nice talking with you again.

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Inactive 7 July 2017

Hiya Windchimes! Thank you and Chuck both for your advice. Question: Is there some way that I could replace the lost potassium? Would drinking GatorAde help to replenish the lost electrolytes? Thanks for y'alls suggestions!

Inactive 29 July 2017

Update: I quit taking the HCTZ, and am not having any negative reactions. I am not holding water weight since quitting, as a matter of fact my weight is down since I stopped taking it. My blood pressure is in normal range. So far, so good!

chuck1957 6 July 2017

G mc, This is the one the worries me a bit here is one side effect that is common.((general feeling of tiredness or weakness)))) and many people take this for years without the doctor re-checking their blood and you can lose many of your good things in your blood such as Potassium and more than you would be able to replace yourself. also, other electrolytes that will only show up in a blood test. So if you have not had it checked lately you might want to ask the doctor. Also as you know very well chronic depression or anxiety can cause these symptoms. But I would first rule out the medical problems with possible HCTZ. Hydrochlorothiazide good luck and please feel free to let me know if you come up with something. your friend

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Inactive 6 July 2017

Thanks Chuck. I never wanted to take HCTZ, but one of my old doctors prescribed it, and it just seemed to be continued through doctors as the years went by. I never thought that much about it.
Let me explain this better: Some years ago, I developed "White Coat Syndrome". (This is a real syndrome, as explained on Wikipedia). I keep a record of my BP readings on a regular basis, between doctor visits, and it stays in normal range. When I go to the Dr.'s office, I get anxious as soon the medical assistant comes at me with that darned BP cuff! So of course the result is a higher BP reading than normal, as anxiety increases BP readings in this type of situation. So, back to my story: I really don't have high BP, I have anticipatory anxiety which causes my BP to register high temporarily..
So, I am concerned about the long term effect that HCTZ could have on my kidneys.


If anxiety could show up as pre-hypertension when getting my BP checked at my Dr. appointments, wouldn't it make more sense to be treated with an anti-anxiety medication as opposed to a "water pill"? Just curious as to your opinion, Chuck. Thanks

chuck1957 7 July 2017

Yes G Mc, I do agree about treating it with something to take say an hour prior to your appt. To me, it seems like they would get a better reading. AND BOY YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT WHITE COAT SYNDROM. I USED TO SEND DOCTOR RUNNING OUT OF THE ROOM THINKING I was going to blow up. lol, And what worked pretty good not only for this but also my anxiety is generic Inderal 20mg and may take it as many as 5 times a day, generic name Propranolol This is the same medication many musicians and people having to get up in front of a crowd and give a speech. Works very good, Plus my as I was taking it regularly it does not lower my blood pressure but you know with agoraphobia all it takes is my heart to flutter and the panic attacks come rolling with it. But this medication I don't get the heart flutter to wind me up. This way I could work more on the deep breathing and such to keep them under control. hope that info gives you an Idea. my sweet friend Chuck.1957 chuck. free discount card

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