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Does anyone have daily chronic headaches as a result of orthodontic treatment and jaw misalignment?

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Kristinedelasantos72 25 June 2012

I suffer from very bad migraines. I have been told my jaw is not aligned right. But I get the most intense ones when my period comes. Sometimes I get them a couple days before I start. Most of the time its while im on it. Those r the ones I end up in the er 8-10 times.

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DzooBaby 18 June 2012

Back when I wore braces I needed to wear rubber bands from my next to front teeth stretched back to my back molar on both sides to correct my overbite. Well, this hurt me SOOOO bad that I never wore them. they finally took my braces off and I was left with a large overbite (stupid, I know, but I was a kid) so now I have jaw misalignment and TMJ. I do get frequent headaches from my jaw, up over my head and down into my neck. I find if I take an OTC pain reliever or sometimes an opioid pain reliever, right away and use moist heat (like a Bed Buddy-sold at Walgreens and other drug stores) it helps to alleviate the pain. I also found that getting adjustments to my neck helped. Keeping my neck muscles loose helps the headaches. I tend to tighten up in response to the jaw pain and this sets off a chain reaction. All I can say is that if you still have braces on and they hurt, keep doing the treatment anyway. Talk to your orthodontist about the pain because if you dont correct the bite, you are in for much more trouble later!

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endlessPred 18 June 2012

Sorry to hear of this pain. I also suggest that you see an ENT. They specialize in jaw and related facial muscles as does a dermatologist surgeon. A doctor will give you needed pain meds and methods to correct this.

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Inactive 18 June 2012

Well, given your present circumstances, I'd say the jaw misalignment is the guilty party. When I had braces, eons ago, i had mouth pain only, not saying braces might contribute to your headaches.
Try tylenol, ibuprofen or naproxen for your headaches, if you aren't allergic. Might need to wait until your jaws are better aligned. That's my opinion.
Talk to your orthodontist.
Keep your chin up.
Sweet Hippie

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balbanese 18 June 2012

I personally do not, but I happen to know it is not only possible, but fairly common as well. Hope this helps.

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