I got a refill of Pristiq, not generic, that led the severe depression returning, a stopping of my major side effect of nightmares, and I had 2 weeks of insomnia which I have never had with the medications that I take at night.

Suspecting that the medication wasn't any good, I got an early refill of the medication. Then the side effect of nightmares returned, the depression went away and the insomnia went away.

And the bottle that the bad pills came in had a cap that had to be broken open with a wrench by my husband. Then it wouldn't close up, so I returned it to the pharmacy as a complaint. More possible evidence of a tampering with the medication?

What action should I take in this case? It is very DISTURBING to not be able to trust the medication that I am getting. I feel like writing to the pharmacy, the manufacturer and the FDA, but probably no one will pay any attention.