I had Mirena in for a little bit over 3 weeks and had it removed. I started noticing heart palpitations (skipped beats, racing heart, fluttering) and chest pain. I also started getting short of breath over nothing. Just a few steps and i was breathing hard and felt so tired. Since having it removed (2 days ago) i havent had palpitations, the chest pain doesnt feel to bad anymore, but i still feel very tired and sleepy all the time along witht he short of breath. Was wondering if anyone else felt like this with Mirena. Also, I have been bleeding for 11 days now, and since I had it removed its been heavier... normal?

I already went to my regular doctor and they did blood work, im wearing a hedart monitor for a few days, and I also had an ultrasound of my heart done. Need to wait for the results but in the mean time Im worrying about these symptoms.

Other symptoms i had while on Mirena: irritability, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, brain fog.