Hi, I have been sick for two weeks. I went to the doctor last Tuesday, 10 days into my illness, with a lot of coughing, sick phlegm and rumbling in my chest. My doctor said I had Bronchitis and gave me a "Z-Pak" to prevent a secondary infection. Yesterday was my last day of the Z-Pak. Even though I feel a little better, the rumbling in my chest has not gone away and I am still coughing a little. I have been sleeping with a humidifier and seems to help. I am also using Asmanex, a steroid inhaler. I am worried that the rumbling in my chest is not going away. Should I call my doctor for another round of Z-Pak or should I wait a couple of more days? Does the the Z-Pak continue to work in your body for a few more days after the package is finished?
I would appreciate your suggestion. Thank you in advance.