I have been on Amitiza-24mg 3 weeks now for severe constipation. Because of the side effects? first I took it twice a day and then this past week once a day (in the morning). It took almost a week to start working but now seems to be doing its job. The only problem is that I have several issues that last the entire day – The most severe issue is that I have constant issues of nausea, to the point I feel like vomiting much of the day, although I do not actually ever get to the point of vomiting. The second issue, despite taking it with food in the morning, is it effects my sleep. I lay awake it seems much of the night. The third issue, although the most minor of the three is I feel like I need to go to the restroom every 15-30 minutes and pass a lot of gas; however, I do not actually produce anything on my visit. My question is about the stomach upset, which is making it so that I may want to discontinue it – Is this something that I can look forward to for the duration of taking Amitiza or will it pass with time? If it will pass, any estimates on how long?