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Alprazolam - If I took a muscle relaxer is it safe to take a Xanax (alcprazolem)?

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30 Jun 2012

Both slow your breathing, however if the same Dr prescribed them, yes. Otherwise, no. Hope this helps.


30 Jun 2012

Hello curtis07. Yes, depending on the doses. You'll most likely be sedated, and lathargic, I would not do any driving, physical activity, any activities that require you to be alert. Best of wishes, pledge


30 Jun 2012

Yes, I have taken both at the same time, however do be aware of the drowiness. I take alprazolam every night to get me to fall off to sleep, & if I am having muscle spasams, I also take flexeril along with it. Best of wishes to you... Mary


8 Jul 2012

I've been prescribed them both together. Just so long as your doctor knows and they know the dosages!!! These things can be very dangerous if not followed. Best of luck to you!

9 Sep 2014

Yes I am prescribed Xanax 3 x. Day and 10mg flexeril a muscle relaxer 3 x a day as needed my dr prescribed both and I'm still alive so yes it's safe

1 May 2015

I take Clonazepam .5mg and Methicarbamol 750mg and I've been told by my doctor and phycologist to wait an hour or two in between taking the pills.

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