ok I take oxycodone/ Percocet and have for several years, I have never been able to take hydrocodone or loratabs because I have a highly allergic reaction to codeine. I had to go to a pain management doctor because the government has changed the schedule of the drug and my dr is not able to write out my prescription for me now, so taking every bottle of medicine I take to him and sitting them on his desk he reads them and says to me " there is NO WAY you can be able to take this medicine if you are allergic to codeine!" I have been taking them with no problems and they do not make me sick or give me a allergic reaction in any way. and never have! He then tells me that he will find something else to take for my pain, which I don't want to switch my medicine, I am very scared of not being in control of my surroundings and am used to what I take now. He also told me that he will not lose his license for giving me a medicine im allergic too! so if any other person out there knows what I am going through or can give me some information to prove to him in writing that there is NOT CODEINE IN PERCOCET OR OXYCODONE, and that I am able to take this medicine with no problem, which I have been doing for years!! It will be very much appreciated