While I was on Lisinopril I was directed by my doctor to take Aleve for occasional pain and inflammation I was having in my back and thumb/wrist. Recently along with Lisinopril, another bp med, metoprolol Tartrate was added along with a low dose aspirin. When this happened I wasn't having issues with the pain, and was so spooked with the new bp issues that I forgot to ask about the Aleve just in case. So now the pain is back and worse than it's been in a long time. My next follow up is scheduled in less than a week, so rather than play phone tag I was just going to try to push through until then but for the last couple of days I have been in tears with my thumb, wrist, and fingers. I wear a brace during sleep so I don't get the hand in a bad position, but as soon as I take it off and start moving, the pain starts back up. So I just thought I'd ask on here, would an occasional Aleve be ok until I can get back to my doc?