The pill is An oblong tablet, capsule shaped, scored down the middle on one side. It is white / beige or a suppose it could be yellow, but I think that's probably due to the age of the pill. I think it started out either white or beige.

There is only one marking on the pill It is either a lower case a, or a lower case e, depending on which way you hold the pill. The side with the score down the middle has no markings, the letter is on the side with the markings. I was looking at a list of manufacturer markings, and I believe I at least identified the manufacturer. I'm afraid I can't remember who it was, but the manufacturer had this exact print, and they claimed it was in lower case a.

I believe this is some type of stimulant to be used on a very short term basis to jumpstart a weight loss program under Dr supervision, but that is just the closest I could get. I am not certain at all.

If I could include a photo I would more than happily do so, but it does not appear that I can provide a photo for you. If you like, please write me back at my email,, And I'll be happy to provide you with a photo to assist in identification.

Well I believe that's all the info I have. I greatly appreciate any assistance you are able to provide!

Thank you very much,