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After dvt and given coumadin can u go right back to work if not how long are u off?

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Inactive 12 Jul 2010

There no problem with going back to work as soon as you are at a safe level

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DemoninDC 12 Jan 2012

It all depends on how much pain you are in. The more pain you are in, the longer you will need to take off. If there is some pain that is controlled with pain medication and it does not effect how you complete your work then, I would go back to work. Hope you are doing well.

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honda1 12 Jan 2012

You will know if you feel strong enough to go back to work. I am on warfarin. As soon as I thought I was ready to go back, my doctor left it up to me. I started back part time and in a couple week, full time. I have AFIB and on warfarin for life. So far, I feel good!

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aramanarao 15 Jan 2012

Your Healthcare provider would have informed you that you need to maintain your PTINR between 2.50 and 3.50. So long as you are able to be within this range and you are not expected to travel (by airplane) much, you can go back to work. However, please ensure that you don't get hurt (in an accident or otherwise) which could result in bleeding (both externally or internally).

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prohealthy 8 Feb 2013

Your level of pain... equipped with your doctor's approval will determine the right time to return to work. If you have a desk job, be mindful of getting up and moving around every hour or so to keep the blood circulating, and if it were me, I would wear my compression stockings daily.

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