Hi all!

I am a 34 year old female who was rx'd Adderall 10mg XR about a month ago.

The weight loss I have had during this past month has been incredible. I had put on about 15lbs or so with other meds. This is really not that much compared to what other people have experienced with antidepressants/bipolar meds. However, I was a distance runner (marathons) and am trying to get back into running. The extra weight gain was creating lots of stress on my knees, so I basically quit all activity due to lack of energy.

My appetite has gone way down, but I have been much more active. Not yet running again, but at least moving and not sitting on the couch.

When has everyone seen a plateau in weight loss? I am OK with getting rid of what has already been gained from my antidepressants/bipolar meds, but don't want it to get out of control and then gain it all back if/when I off of Adderall.

Let me know your thoughts, please! I would really appreciate some real-life experiences from those who have already been down this road!