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Does Adderall and Vyvanse show up as same drug in a drug test?

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cyclops1122 23 Aug 2019

If the lab wanted to get extremely picky with GC/MS, then they could differentiate l and d-amphetamine. The likelihood this testing will be done is rare; it is very expensive.

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marzboy777 12 Sep 2018

I take Adderall and have for years. It not only helps me concentrate (I have ADD)--it also addresses the pain I get from fibromyalgia and neuropathy, meaning the pain is greatly reduced. As well, it has antidepressant qualities, and after having no success with SSRIs (they all made me sexually numb no lols, kids), Adderall hardly does that. I also relieves my Chronic Fatigue symptoms so that I'm able to get up and running so-to-speak and have a quality of a life.
As for the med(s) showing up in a drug test--so what? As long as I'm able to produce proof to a prospective employer or employer or whoever else that I take this med via a prescription--why would I be concerned that the med would "show up" in a drug test? Makes sense, yes?

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Justbreathe13 11 Sep 2018


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Jinx342 11 Sep 2018

Hi Heatherls1,
Yes, they are both amphetamines.

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