A few days ago my doctor prescribed me 10 mg of adderall xr. I was told I could take either one or two pills in the morning. The first day I took one pill and slept fine. The second day I took one and only got four hours of sleep. The day after that (yesterday) I had off work so I decided to see what two pills would do. I've now been awake all night and I'm only slightly tired (but obviously can't sleep).

I work as a nanny and need to be driving the kids around today. I don't want to crash in the middle of the day when the 20mg wears off. I also don't want to be awake for another night...

Should I take 10mg now?

PS I would love to call my doctor but its too early in the morning for their office to be open. I would also love to get off work but it would be too late of notice for the parents.