This is my second time since starting Celexa. I had a real bad time 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with tinnitus. This time around I had a lot of stress and overdid it working out and taking extreme contrast showers afterwards. My anxiety went off the charts and I started 10 mg celexa for 12 days. I then went to 20 mg and have been on it for another 5 weeks. I am not as depressed anymore but my thoughts and anxiety are difficult to manage. Especially the mornings are ridiculously difficult. I am really wondering if I need to go up to 30 mg or not. I have had some good days and almost think that things are over. But then the next day it returns. Am I being to overanxious in getting better. I know that I did recover the first time and hope that I will recover again. Please give me some positive feedback. I really need it!