I have now been on 10 mg of Lexapro for 4 weeks and I’m still having some really hard days where I just cry all day, my head feels heavy and foggy, I’m anxious about everything and it’s hard for me to function. I have some good days as well where I feel great, but then the rough days come and I just want to give up.
Im still haven’t insomnia issues like I had before starting Lexapro, and I’m scared that things will not get better for me. I’ve been taking Ativan to help me sleep almost every night for a month now.
I have been on Lexapro before and it’s helped my anxiety but I feel like it’s not helping this time around and I’m losing faith.
Is it normal to still feel this horrible at 4 weeks? Should I be asking to up my dose of Lexapro or should I be trying a different medication? I feel so lost and scared and I just need some reassurance and advice.