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Is a 325\5mg. oxycodone acetaminophen a strong dose?

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RadAngel28 18 Aug 2013
amy_carver7904 18 Aug 2013

No that is a low dose

fibrosufferer2 18 Aug 2013

That's a beginning dose.

DzooBaby 19 Aug 2013

This pill has 5mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen (this is what 5/325 means). 5mg of oxycodone is a small dose (or starting dose). 325mg of acetaminophen is the same as one regular strength Tylenol tablet. (Extra Strength Tylenol is 500mg per pill) So no, it is not a strong dose at all. Oxycodone is a fairly strong opioid though and should be used with caution but as long as you follow Drs recommendations you should be fine.

tigerfan1980 21 Aug 2013
kova 8 Nov 2013

Absolutely not, if your pain is moderate to severe. Unfornately, docs are so dang afraid to give a pain sufferer what they need because of their own safety and we suffer for it!

Victory2017 11 Jul 2017

Brain surgery healing freshly perfomed. Patient has no med insurance is sent home without this medication

tasbury 12 Nov 2018

Must have been a Veterans Administration patient free discount card

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