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Is a 325\5mg. oxycodone acetaminophen a strong dose?

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Victory2017 11 July 2017

Brain surgery healing freshly perfomed. Patient has no med insurance is sent home without this medication

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tasbury 12 Nov 2018

Must have been a Veterans Administration patient

kova 8 Nov 2013

Absolutely not, if your pain is moderate to severe. Unfornately, docs are so dang afraid to give a pain sufferer what they need because of their own safety and we suffer for it!

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tigerfan1980 21 Aug 2013


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DzooBaby 19 Aug 2013

This pill has 5mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen (this is what 5/325 means). 5mg of oxycodone is a small dose (or starting dose). 325mg of acetaminophen is the same as one regular strength Tylenol tablet. (Extra Strength Tylenol is 500mg per pill) So no, it is not a strong dose at all. Oxycodone is a fairly strong opioid though and should be used with caution but as long as you follow Drs recommendations you should be fine.

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fibrosufferer2 18 Aug 2013

That's a beginning dose.

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amy_carver7904 18 Aug 2013

No that is a low dose

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RadAngel28 18 Aug 2013


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