II’m 21 years old I’ve had high blood pressure for years I got diagnosed when I was 17 I believe but it’s never given me problems until recently in my life at the age of 21. I do admit my eating habits were not the best because I would drink energy drinks almost everyday and eat lots of junk food which aggravated my blood pressure. I’ve been prescribed lisinopril and I took it for a week before I felt like I was experiencing chest tightness so my doctor took me off of it and prescribed atenolol. After taking atenolol I noticed I hated it because the side effects were even more intense like headaches, vertigo, extreme fatigue and stars in my vision. I asked if I could get off of atenolol and go back to lisinopril because it makes me feel safer so my doctor said I can go back. My plan is to take my lisinopril and change my eating habits so that eventually I can get off of meds for good I’m just scared to get back onto the medication because of all the negative side effects I’ve been reading about. I feel like I’m doomed with this high blood pressure and the fact that I even need medication my anxiety is through the roof and I’m panicking. My usual blood pressure without the meds is in the 140/90 range usually. I could really use some help and advice from people who are more experienced in this than me please I’m only 21 and I’m very worried about all this medicine stuff and my health. “Side note” I noticed very noticeable heart palpitations I used to not get those do you think it has any to do with the meds?”