Yesterday morning I got the okay from my doctor to stop high blood pressure medication as long as I eat healthier and take better care of’s been 2 days since I stopped atenolol and I took a lisinopril yesterday before the doctor told me I could stop with the bp meds UPDATE It’s 5:AM and I noticed my heart is definitely beating harder and faster since I stopped atenolol. I took a Lisinopril yesterday morning around 8 or 9 but those bp meds do not directly affect the heart like atenolol does. Is me stopping atenolol for 2 days so far causing me to have this heart beat? My bp monitor read 138/78 if I’m remembering correctly and my heart rate was 104 [age] 21 [sex] M [weight] 169 pounds [height] 5,10 I’ve been taking atenolol for 7 or 8 days and stopped yesterday and today after going back to lisinopril but I notice my heart is beating way faster and harder than it ever has am I overthinking this? The doctors front desk lady told me there shouldn’t be any side effects of stopping both meds and I’ve only been on the atenolol for 8 days. Atenolol directly effects the heart it’s a beta blocker that slows down heart beat so I guess naturally me stopping it would cause my heart to not be slow anymore but I read i side affect of abruptly stoping it is heart attack and irregular heart beat what do you guys think?