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Is 20 mg Melatonin safe what is the highest dose can you take?

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Samantha46 5 days ago

Our grandson is blind and can't sleep. I understand that blind people have a terrible time sleeping. Dan has been on melatonin since he was about six. Dan is 37 now and how much can we give him? Sleeping has always been a problem. Dan was born at 1 lb 3 ounces and has a few other problems, that's why I am enquiring. Dan is on 10 ml now. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.. from a tired Grams

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pwhorton 24 April 2022

what is the maximum amount of melatonin for adults 68 years old.

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Windchimes123 12 March 2017

Hi Michele,
The dose of Melatonin is 0.2 - 20mg is the range.
It's best to start at the lowest dose (give it several days) and then increase.
It will work more effectively if your body doesn't start out at the highest dose.

There are a lot of good information on the internet about how to establish good sleeping habits.
Best wishes

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michele harvey 12 March 2017

I am taking 25 mg now for the last few days but doctor says its too much I told him I tried.low doses before but stop working. I am also taking 50 mg trazodone too. Doctor say if a low dose doesn't work then not to take it but I found 25 mg works for me.

Windchimes123 12 March 2017

Ok... so 25 mg is beyond the max dose.
I used to take it but became tolerant really quickly.
Your Trazadone is at a low dose. I started out and that dose but also became tolerant wishing a month.
I've been on 100mg which has kept me for 6 months.
I also take Ambien 10mg.
Sleep is essential for having a balanced body. I changed my Primary because I kept complaining for years about it and she didn't put importance on it until I developed another disease.
Don't let that happen to you!
If something is not working then don't wait for the next appointment.
Call his office!
I also found that Flexeril helps with my pain syndrome and helps me get tired in the evening. I only take it once a day at most.
I don't know if your insomniac is related to pain. If it is the need for better pain management is in order.
It's a matter of using good sleep habits, not worrying if you are going to sleep or for how long and the correct dosage.
Good luck !

michele harvey 12 March 2017

I saw my psychiatrist on March 9 and the appointment didn't work out so I now have to get new doctor.. He says 25 mg melatonin is too much I told him I already tried low dose,at beginning then he say not to take them if low dose dont work but I found that 25 mg works for me.

Windchimes123 12 March 2017

If he felt it is too high bf you are not getting enough sleep, what was HE going to do about it?
It's his job! Lol...

michele harvey 12 March 2017

I know - that's why I am looking for new psychiatrist that wants to help me as it doesn't make any sense what he doing to me with limiting my medications.

Windchimes123 13 March 2017

You really have to find someone who you can trust to watch your back!
Someone with whom you can say anything and not feel judged.
Someone who remembers info from previous sessions and puts it all together for you.
It actually applies to all of your doctors.
Best wishes.
How are you going about finding a new psychiatrist?

lunas78 19 Sep 2017

michele harvey - ROFL. He's telling you to lower your melatonin dose so he can increase the trazodone properly. This is the problem with people who **think** they know better than the experts. I hope you found a doctor who knows what he's doing but more importantly who smartens you up on how a medication works.

Windchimes123 19 Sep 2017

Hi Luna,
Thanks for reminding me.
I was going to ask Michele how she is doing with her doctor situation.
Trust in your doctor makes all the difference.
Best wishes
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