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Are 2 mg green xanax stronger than than the 2mg white or yellow bars?

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Bryan z 24 April 2022

What is the strongest and longest lasting effects of benzodiazpams

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Corkyejj 19 Nov 2020

I’ve never had green ones, but have had blue and yellow and white. There IS a difference in strength because various fillers are used in different ratios. I read that the blue bars are HALF the strength of the others. I researched this because the Xanax blue seemed so weak after taking yellow bars for years. White ate the brand. Do they do a generic white? I want to know which pharmacy carries yellow bars—apart from a Walgreens!! Good luck!

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Mark Smith4567 26 Aug 2019

The age of Xanax is the biggest diff. With time they become less potent. If you take Xanax that has been in a medicine cabinet for yr or more it loses potency. No doubt.

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Bibbo1969 11 July 2019

They have the exact same amounts of the active ingredients be ut you may be having a sensitivity or even minor allergy to one of the inactive ones. I go to pain management 4 degeneration in multiple joints and I have the same issue with the Percocet that they prescribed. I have no problem with one manufacturers medication but then they switch to another one that was yellow in color and I was having an issue with sensitivity that cause problems with my stomach but also a sensitivity to the type of dye that they used. The yellow dye in that particular medication causes hyperactivity in children in some adults that have ADHD as I do. It may be worth trying another benzodiazepine all together if you are unable to find the ones that allow you to sleep or if you feel like your doctors are not taking you seriously. Unfortunately they are not all-knowing and sometimes tend to be too arrogant do you know or at least admit what they don't know

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Capricorn47 5 Nov 2018

I have a chronic sleeping disorder, I cannot go to sleep on my own, I have tried white, yellow, green, my pharmacy for several years carried green 2mg bars manufacturer DAVA, they were perfect for me , helped me sleep all night and I woke up feeling refreshed, a few months ago I noticed I had yellow ones when I got home, went back to pharmacy asked why the change, they said they have to take what they're sent.. So I tried them and the first night zi noticed these yellow ones were very different I didn't sleep well woke up couple times during the night and did not feel well next day, I suffered for a month not getting good sleep, my Dr wasn't much help, the next few months I got the green ones back but couple months later they only had the yellow ones again I called every pharmacy around couldn't find any that carried Dava in 2mg green bars or any color, I ended up taking my prescription 7 miles away and hot the Sandos brand.


They are ok takes forever tossing turning to finally falling asleep, I am praying my pharmacy has my Dava brand this month, if not don't care for Sandos brand so I am in a bad place I have to have sleep

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Ellissee 26 Aug 2019

Won’t they order for you? Some pharmacy might. Good luck !

Capricorn47 5 Nov 2018

Depends on the manufacturer there is a difference depending on the manufacturer

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Inactive 5 Oct 2014

Im really curious bc i suffer from social. Anxiety. To the point i cnt leave my home. Im a hermit please help. I hv a 4 yr old and i feel terriable tht very rarely can i even take him out front to ride his big wheele its heart breaken to him and myself, please someone help me and tell me how to get past this bc so far nothing has helped me. Feeling helpless and alone.

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riplilman093014 27 April 2017

Listen I was the same way I never left my house for 10 years. I could go some places let say within a 2-mile radius of my house it's called agoraphobia what help me was Paxil and I took it for a little while and it probably took a month to work I got up to 70 milligrams the highest you can take between that and Xanax 8 milligrams of Xanax a day I was able to leave the house I've been out of the house for 20 years now and it's amazing Paxil saved my life so I believe me I understand I never thought I would take a drug in my life but Paxil doesn't do anything to you it just makes you okay I hope that helps

dsac6060 7 March 2012

No 2mg is 2 mg just different Pharmaceutical companies

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