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I took 2 aleve at 9:am then took 2 more at 11:40pm for arthritis in back pain in leg arms is that o?

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Inactive 28 Oct 2016

Always take Aleve with food to protect your stomach. Omega 3's taken regularly can possibly help with your joint pain, as well as help with your stomach issues. It helps me in both cases.

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Srr1111 28 Oct 2016

You can safely take that amount, but it's better to involve your doctor as daily use at high doses can cause gastric issues and there are prescptions to help prevent (and some help repair) any damage already present.

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chuck1957 7 Jan 2016

Bell if your having to take them that often you should check with your doctor and get something that works longer you have to protect your stomach taking this many this close together.

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DancnDar 5 Jan 2016

Aleve is 225mg of naproxen sodium per pill and says take no more than 3 a day. I take prescription strength naproxen sodium which is 500mg per pill and take 1 pill twice a day. If you need to take 4 Aleve's a day, then contact your doctor and maybe he can give you the prescription strength.

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