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User Reviews for Phenylephrine

Also known as: AH-Chew D, Congest Aid II, Contac-D, Despec-SF, Dimetapp Toddler's Drops Decongestant, Gilchew IR, Help I Have A Stuffy Nose, Little Colds Decongestant, Lusonal, Nasal Decongestant PE, Nasop, Nasop12, Neo-Synephrine, PediaCare Children's Decongestant, Phenyl-T, all 22 brand names

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Reviews for Phenylephrine to treat Nasal Congestion

"At 67, I have asthma due to formaldahyde exposure. I over-react to most allopathic meds and am accustomed to using tumeric for inflammation and Aloe vera for nearly everything else. I'm generally in excellent health, with all values from an annual blood draw in the "ideal" range. In an attempt to avoid allopathic inhalers, I tried several over the counter meds, settling on Phenylephrine as effective, inexpensive, and having no apparent side effects for me, the canary in the coal mine. Even though it is not even suggested for asthma, this permits me to live an active life of hiking in the redwood forests and dunes of coastal northern California."


RavensFeather (taken for 2 to 5 years) February 25, 2013

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"I took it at the recommendation of a pharmacist specifically for chronic post-nasal drip. I've taken a lot of things and I can tell you that it worked within 40 minutes.. I don't think I can take it forever, but I'm hoping that before the 7 days is out, this will be cleared up permanently."


Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) November 14, 2012

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"After 125 standard allergy tests and told "no reaction" I was pronounced as having "chronic non-allergic vasomotor rhinitis". I truly believe that my biggest problem was from corticosteroid nasal sprays prescribed, but never overused. I've found phenylephrine has helped in a variable increased dose. When the wind blows primarily in the fall, whatever is out there causes my problem. If I take 2 10mg to start my day, I'm in good shape with the regular dose the rest of the day."


grandma832 October 26, 2009

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"I just searched peer-reviewed journals and found NO EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PHENYLEPHRINE. "Phenylephrine, at the FDA-approved dose of 10 mg for adults, is unlikely to provide relief of nasal congestion. It has poor oral bioavailability because of extensive first-pass metabolism in the gut and liver.3 Only 38% of the dose reaches the systemic circulation,3 compared with 90% of a pseudoephedrine dose.4 Moreover, in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of 3 oral decongestants in 20 patients with chronic nasal stuffiness, phenylephrine was no more effective than placebo in reducing nasal airway resistance" From the Department of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, and the Drug Information Center, Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla"

sickandtireddd August 15, 2007

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"What is the evidence that phenylephrine hydrochloride is effective as a decongenstant -- and at what dosages? Please cite one or more sources published in peer-reviewed journals. I ask only because I have heard rumors that at the 10 mg. dose it is no more effective than a placebo."

msp March 29, 2007

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